Saturday, October 17, 2009

On the Brink of Change - Connection is the Key.

I have been away - no excuse for not writing - but sometimes it is beneficial to be removed from the computer and available to other influences. I went to Bali to the Roger Hamilton event on Wealth Dynamics.

What an amazing week.

The four day workshop brought revelation after revelation - and I filled a whole special notebook that my sister Sahaja had given me with scrawled writing in an effort to keep up with the torrent of Roger's information.

He was in absolutely fine form. He seemed to simply download from the universal knowledge pool and flowed so much value to us all.

And after the actual seminar, we headed to Vision Villas - the creation of Roger and his family - a place of deep reflection that allowed each person to experience the opening and the opportunities that were in every meeting.
There we spent one day - 33 of us - brainstorming about the best ways to create XL Nation - a nation of connected individuals with a common purpose to create World Wide Wealth.
Here's a short clip of Roger Hamilton - he is talking about XL Nation and if you click the highlighted link you can see the video. XL Nation.

And after the formalities in the seminar room were over .. the real connecting began.

I am back in Perth now.. till I go to see Ruby Cruz (see last blog post) next week in Manila..

and its great to be home.

But hey.. you are in for a treat if you live in Perth and you're reading this.. because Roger is coming to Perth on the 30th Oct.

Heart to heart.. I suggest to you that you take time out to spend with him and us on that day.

We are all perched on the brink of some incredible changes on our planet and we need to become connected. Anything that gives us the tools to do this in the most effective way should certainly be investigated and employed right now.

Roger has some wonderful insights that will stimulate very fertile connections.

Don't miss him.

you can find out more here

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