Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Voting Time

I found this to be very interesting.. it came out with exactly what I thought was my choice, but the process of choosing your candidate to vote for gave me lots of clarity about how I really think on many issues. So I figured just to cut and paste the full message from this great organisation called GetUp. See the info below.

Deciding exactly how to vote is important, and often really hard.

Wouldn't it be great if there was some kind of impartial, straightforward and credible quiz that could confirm your inklings about which party is right for you? And also to tell any not 100% certain voter exactly which candidate and party came closest to their views?

Well, for the first time ever in Australian politics, there is. And we want GetUp members to be the first to hear about it - as well as spread the word.
The major parties get plenty of air time, well now getting information about all the parties is easy.

This is like nothing you've seen before. Take the exclusive, three-minute quiz to get your very own, personalised how-to-vote card - we can even SMS the results to your mobile on Election Day!

How did we do it? First, we worked with renowned independent pollster Irving Saulwick to frame 20 key questions on the major issues facing Australians this election. Then, we got on the phone to every candidate in the country and invited them to take the quiz too - so that you can match up your views to those of the candidates' right in your very own electorate.

The result is a groundbreaking win for democracy - a completely free, open and transparent how-to-vote card that's personalised to you and your electorate.

Thanks to the promotional support of Yahoo!7 , with a staggering four million users per month, we are aiming to reach a huge amount of voters this election.

Take the quiz now and help spread the word to every voter you know: this time, there's a fun and easy way to make up your mind.

After all, we've all been there, or known someone who perhaps doesn't feel they can get the facts they need - so instead they tick any old box or simply vote the way their parents do.

Well this time, there's a better way. See for yourself and help spread the word with our ad below:

Here's to making it count at the ballot box, The GetUp Team


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