Friday, October 05, 2007

How to Become an Expert - Beyond Outlook 2007!

Outlook 2007 - for dummies.. well .. that is certainly what we have felt like in the past few weeks. Brick walls kept presenting on every turn with our new Outlook 2007. Oh the joys of our old simple Outlook Express.. who ever thought it was going to be a good idea to change over to the latest Outlook?
Umm.. me.... oh dear!

Who ever also thought that perhaps Microsoft might make things easier .. not more difficult.
I did. well I was wrong. Outlook 2007 became our nightmare. Poor Sahaja - my sister and business partner gave herself at least three migraines over it! I went crosseyed till midnight on a couple of occasions.

But gleefully, we have now solved our major problem which involved the conflicts between address books and contact lists! Oh Microsoft.. thank you for providing us with the opportunity to learn and sift through vast quantities of nerd material to get to a simple solution!

If you email us now, we finally know the way to easily add you into our new email contact database.. so you may now have the opportunity of getting our monthly newsletters. We can just about give advice on 'how to' as well! LOL the joys of computers.. sometimes I would like to use this one as an anchor for a boat!

So that said. if you would like to hear more from Best Health - click here to sign up for our newsletters.. we send them out at irregular intervals and do our best to provide interesting and stimulating information.

That's it for now.. thank God its Friday and I am leaving the office NOW!

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