Friday, June 30, 2006

Kids In Crisis

Giant food corporation Nestle are removing artificial colours from Smarties in the UK, but not here in Australia because Nestles ‘had received no complaints about Smarties’. Please, if you never do anything else about additives, do this for us, and join the Get Smarties campaign now being run by the Food Intolerance Network -

In case you are unaware of the problem with the artificial colours, and other food additives, our kids are in crisis. Last year, a quarter of children who attended outpatient services at Royal Children’s Hospital in Melbourne were there for learning difficulties and behavioural problems rather than medical conditions. A recent ACER survey showed that 30% of Year 9 students lacked basic literacy skills.

Now put this fact together with those figures:

Twenty years ago, when more than 800 schools in New York City removed artificial colours and two preservatives from their school lunches, the numbers of learning disabled kids halved.

Doesn't that tell you something? We can't eat numbers - if you don't know what the number stands for - and KNOW it is safe - put it back on the shelf and certainly don't give it to your kids to eat!

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